What I Do


Proficient in HTML, capable of building well-structured web pages.


Master of CSS, skilled in creating visually appealing page styles and layouts.


Strong graphic design skills, capable of crafting visually engaging graphics.

User Interface

Proficient in Figma for user interface design, emphasizing user experience and visual aesthetics.


Proficient in Figma, a collaborative design tool, for creating and prototyping user interfaces with an emphasis on collaborative design processes.


Skilled in Adobe Illustrator, proficient in vector graphics design.


Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, adept at photo editing and graphic manipulation.

Premiere Pro

Experienced in video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro.

After Effect

Proficient in Adobe After Effects for motion graphics and visual effects.


Capable of using Dreamweaver for web development and design.


Skilled in creating eye-catching banner designs.


Knowledgeable in WordPress, able to develop and manage websites.



Proficient in designing visually appealing posters.

Microsoft Word

Proficient in creating and formatting documents with Microsoft Word, ensuring professional and polished written content.


Microsoft Excel

Skilled in data analysis and organization using Microsoft Excel, including formulas, charts, and data visualization.


Power Point

Proficient in creating dynamic and engaging presentations using PowerPoint.

I had knowledge to

using skill of software below

Adobe Illustrator

1. For build shape, image trace, control image size, drawing some strange shape with pen tool.
2. Created production design will use most of the tools, I will always open most of the tool window examples: transform, gradient, appearance, artboard, links, align, pathfinder, layer, libraries, color etc.
3. Color guide for a design will reference the color adobe or anything that can send me a color message.
4. For a design needs to be imported from an image but needs to change to another shape, create a shape then select an object and make a clipping mask.
5. Designing effect with drop shadow, creating outlines, color, blur, artistic etc for a production.
6. The file exporting depends on the project needed, for example jpg/ jpeg/ png/ pdf, if the project needs the original ai file, then it needs to be packaged into a set file.

Adobe Photoshop

1. Photoshop most I use for drawing, cutting or editing images to a transparent image for Illustrator use and anything that needs a transparent image.
2. Most of the tools are a bit the same with Illustrator like the effect of drop shadow. Many effects will be created from the down sides of layers’ windows.
3. Using pen tool, magic selection tool, lasso tool to cut a strange line or shape or background to transparent.
4. GIF design created from AI file export to the PSD file and open timeline window, set change page time and control the moving sequence. But it is best if I use AE to create a GIF design, although I never try, but I have seen other great work GIF designs by After Effect.
5. Photoshop I mostly use for creating material and using AI to design because Illustrator can create many artboards and design together at the same time. For most of my project I also get many pages and options needed.

Adobe Photoshop

1. Using composition window to import production material or download a template and use timeline to control or edit their position, scale, rotation and opacity.
2. Character window used for edit content, front, color, front leading, size and tracking. Set up content aligned with the paragraph window.
3. Created a design from paragraph story to storyboard, and the last will complete the video with After Effect.
4. Creative advertising video design combined with jumping or pop out design and music build a video.
5. Video will finish export via Adobe Media Encoder. Depending on my experience, my past company only used MP4 (H.264) files for advertising use.

Adobe Premiere Pro

1. Import all the video needed to edit or combine to the project panel. Video can be from video material or designed by After Effect.
2. Pull in video to the timeline from the project panel, for cutting and combining video. Sequence order of video set.
3. Add the effect from the effect window to the video on the timeline example dip to black and etc.
4. Set up music volume and cut music, sometimes I will combine voice and music together and be video in a new feel.
5. Premiere Pro will just export from PR, no need to use Media Encoder.

Adobe Dreamweaver

1. To create a web page with HTML and CSS.
2. Set width and height needed and also put in the title, heading, body, section and footer.
3. Knowledge to change images to use CSS Designer to change their color, size, text, border, background.
4. Put the access link to the properties window for web button clicking access.
5. Dreamweaver is only basic knowledge learned from school.



1. Created file from Google drive
2.Used an arrow and a circle to draw out the production problem.
3. Explaining problems or introducing words in a page with a product.

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